3 Steps to In-Home Care

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Step 1: Assessment

Elegance at Home clinicians visit your home to perform a safety and health assessment.

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Step 2: Plan of Care

Once the assessment is complete, the clinicians will consult with family, doctors, caretakers and outside services to determine the best course of care.

Then, an individualized Plan of Care is created, and Elegance at Home will match you with the appropriate caretaker (s) for your needs.

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Step 3: Evaluate Progress

Continuous evaluation of your care plan will be conducted by the clinician and the care team to make any necessary adjustments. With so many licensed and certified staff members, we can continue to add care services if needed.  If changes are needed, you do not have to worry about changing your primary clinician or care team with whom you are already familiar.

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What is a Plan of Care?

Your Plan of Care is a roadmap to the best care for you to remain in your home safely and comfortably. Elegance at Home believes that care plans are best when they are custom-fit to the person and services can be changed when needs are changed.

The Plan of Care is required for everyone under the care of Elegance at Home. To make the Plan of Care custom to you, we collaborate with your physicians and specialists to create the best plan for you.

Your care plan is never permanent.  Your Plan of Care has the ability to grow, evolve and become more specialized as needed. The Elegance at Home Care Team appointed to you will keep in constant contact with your physicians and can adjust your care if needed.